OX POTS is based in the Weald of Kent, an area known since Medieval times for working clay and iron. 

My interest in ceramics was stimulated in Nigeria hearing the stories of Michael Cardew's work at the Abuja pottery  and collecting wood fired pots in that tradition with iron glazes and simple decorations. 

In Kathmandu our lives were surrounded with pots produced by generations of Newari potters - from fierce dragon planters to the daily open bowl of fresh yoghurt from the market.

In Nairobi I learnt to throw locally hand dug stoneware clay; to make glazes and reduction firing.

Back in England I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from experts at the Leach Pottery; Wobage and at Brookhouse Potteries.

I love the glazing process; weighing the ingredients; dipping, brushing, pouring and layering the glazes and seeing the final play and movement that creates such range of variation and contrast to the texture of the clay.